Beccy Owen

Beccy Owen originally signed up on here under 'celebrity'. This was false advertising, because Beccy Owenis not a celebrity but someone easily confused by computers. She meant to sign up as a musician and has since even accidentally become her own fan. Apart from haplessness, she also sing and writes songs. She does this with herself, with others, for's all about shapes and patterns... Beccy is based in Baildon, West Yorkshire, UK, and writes eccentric pop music with a big dark heart. She likes reading Dylan Thomas, loves her sprocker spaniel, swims a lot, rides her bike, enjoys being around other people, is infuriated by the presence of other people and became a musician by accident on the road to being a clown. She is not only a solo writer/performer but is also very glad to be the lead singer/co-writer in the 4-piece North East band Sharks Took The Rest who are just about to release their debut album. Beccy's fourth solo album will be out later this year. You can go to itunes and the like to get her others. Beccy works as a community musician, teachers and facilitator, including Open Space facilitation, and is always up for new projects, collaborations and good, honest friendship. x categories